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Theft is usually a relatively minor crime compared to offenses like assault and murder. However, if the state has accused you of stealing, it’s important to hire an attorney for theft. And there are versions of theft that go beyond simple shoplifting. For example, an identity theft lawyer can help prove you innocent of some of the world’s most sophisticated crimes. Because of this, it’s important you find the best identity theft lawyers near me when searching online. That may be how you found this page in the first place. No matter what kind of theft your case involves, you need a burglary lawyer in Franklin County, TX. So look no further than attorney Martin Braddy.

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  • Lemar County, TX

Martin is an experienced attorney for theft in Franklin County, TX that can help prove you innocent in court. In addition, he has experience defending his clients from crimes for the digital age. To that end, he’s a superlative identity theft lawyer. So, if you need the skills of identity theft lawyers near me, you’re in the right place.

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Identity theft is the most modern version of a burglary that exists today. Instead of stealing a person’s property, a criminal will steal their identity. If the state accuses you of identity theft, it’s no laughing matter. Identity theft includes using documents to steal someone’s identity. This may entail actions like going through their trash for bills or old checks. In addition, it may include skimming. Skimming is the act of using a device to obtain someone’s credit or debit card information.

There are numerous other ways to steal someone’s identity. As an identity theft lawyer, Martin Braddy will be able to recognize whichever technique the state is accusing you of and build a defense accordingly. In that way, you can see how important it is to hire an attorney for theft to defend you. An experienced attorney for theft is likely also an identity theft lawyer.

For information on the appeal process, please see our Appeal Lawyers Rockwall County, TX page.

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Local identity theft lawyers near me have an edge over lawyers from a different area for a number of reasons. Primarily, this includes connections. A local attorney will have a professional network that includes local judges and opposing lawyers. Therefore, a local defense attorney will have connections with the same people who are responsible for prosecuting you. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to hire a local attorney for theft to handle your case. That’s where Martin Braddy comes in. His local experience can be the difference-maker in any case that he undertakes.

Burglary is a serious charge in Texas. Therefore, a burglary lawyer needs to understand every aspect of your situation to form a good defense. To find you guilty, the state needs to prove that you entered someone’s house or vehicle specifically to steal something. In addition, the crime needs to have some kind of violent intention.

When it comes to the facts of a case, you need a lawyer that knows the law inside and out. For example, you don’t even need to be entirely inside someone’s house to commit burglary. In fact, only part of your body needs to pass into the victim’s house or vehicle. In other words, if you reach through someone’s window to take something, it’s still burglary. Your attorney for theft will need to consider these factors when forming your case.

If the state finds you guilty of burglary, your burglary lawyer can usually find a way to help reduce your sentence. However, while there are many kinds of burglary in Texas, the most severe result in felony charges. In that case, you may face between two and 99 years in jail depending on the circumstances of your crime. However, since an attorney for theft has a few different ways to approach this issue, you can count on Martin Braddy to explore all possible options for your case.

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