As many sports fans will remember, often times the best defense is a good offense. It’s an adage that’s true on the field, and it’s also true in the courtroom. If you need a lawyer to defend you against a false criminal accusation, one of the best bets is to hire a former prosecutor. A former prosecutor will understand how the district attorney’s office works. Therefore, he’ll know the strategy the opposition will use and how to counter it. In addition, a former prosecutor will have relationships with the opposing district attorney in your case. And more importantly, they’ll have relationships with the judge.

If you’ve been accused of a crime in the Sulphur Springs area and need representation, call Martin Braddy. He’s a defense attorney known for his extensive appellate experience. As a result, he knows how the justice system works from the inside. He can meticulously plan your defense and anticipate what strategy the prosecution will use. Plus, he takes the time to work on each case personally, so that when the time comes, you know he has done everything he can to bolster your case.

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Martin is well-known for his previous work as a DA. As a result, he’s gained a reputation for his courtroom skills. He’s a fierce litigator who will fight tooth and nail to help his clients win their case. And that reputation is worth something. You want your opposing attorney to be wary of going to trial against your defense lawyer. That way, they’ll be more inclined to settle out of court. Martin knows what the prosecution is looking for, and he knows how to counter it. Therefore, if you need one of the finest defense attorneys in Sulphur Springs, TX, look no further than Martin Braddy.

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