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Were you or a loved one arrested? Contact Martin Braddy Attorney at Law as soon as possible. With the help of a skilled local criminal defense attorney, you may be able to reduce your bail to an amount you can afford. The constitution and a federal statute called the Bail Reform Act give you the right to request a hearing to try to reduce the bail. At this hearing, you are given an opportunity to state why the initial bail was set too high. You need to convince the court that you are not a threat to the public. You will also have to convince them that the original bail set was so high that it effectively denies you the right to bail, which results in you being detained in jail before getting a fair trial.

Martin Braddy Attorney at Law can assist you in preparing and presenting your case for a bond reduction. He will persuade the judge by showing that:

  • You are not a danger to the community; this argument may not be usable for defendants accused of violent crimes
  • Your criminal record is clean; having no prior record is a great argument. If you have a record, it may be helpful to show the judge that you made all required court appearances and complied with the court.
  • You have family/work/community obligations; for example, having a family that depends on you and an employer who wants you bailed out would be a good argument for your bond reduction.

Martin Braddy is an experienced bond reduction attorney; he will help you prepare a strong case and represent you in court. Contact our offices today for a free consultation to find out your best course of action in getting your bail reduced.

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