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Sex crimes are serious accusations. If the state finds you guilty of a sex crime, you may spend years in jail. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire a sexual crime lawyer to prove your innocence. In addition, sexual abuse attorneys can help reduce your sentence if you are found guilty. Furthermore, a child pornography lawyer can help keep you out of jail by breaking down the prosecution’s case. Finally, it’s important to hire a local attorney who understands the local laws and system. That’s why, when you look for the best “sexual assault lawyer near me” on Google, you come here. If you need a sexual crime lawyer in Delta County, TX, look no further than Martin Braddy.

Martin is a qualified and skilled sexual crime lawyer in Delta Couty, TX. Therefore, he should be your first choice if you need to hire a child pornography lawyer or sexual abuse attorneys. In addition, he’s a top sexual assault lawyer near me.

Martin serves as a sexual crime lawyer in the following areas:

  • Sulphur Springs, TX
  • Hopkins County, TX
  • Hunt County, TX
  • Wood County, TX
  • Delta County, TX
  • Franklin County, TX
  • Rockwall County, TX
  • Raines County, TX
  • Lemar County, TX

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There is always a cloud that hangs over someone that has been accused of sexual abuse, even if the accusation is unfounded. However, sexual abuse attorneys can help prove you innocent. In contrast, if the state does find you guilty, they can reduce your sentence. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to hire a sexual crime lawyer. Punishment for sex crimes is typically severe. A sexual assault is a second-degree felony. As a result, you may face up to 20 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. However, there are some specific situations that may change these outcomes. For example, sometimes a sex crime is a first-degree felony. Therefore, the state may sentence you to up to 99 years in jail. In addition, there are a number of other factors that may change the outcome of your case. Your attorney can use these facts to form an argument to help you win your case. That’s why you have Attorney Braddy – as a constant advocate for your rights in and out of court.

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Some elements that may change the outcome of your case include factors like the accuser’s age, use of a deadly weapon, use of “date rape drugs” like Rohypnol, and other factors. A local sexual crime lawyer will know how these factors can affect your case. Therefore, it’s important to look for the best sexual assault lawyer near me when you’re trying to find representation. A local sexual assault lawyer near me may also know other local prosecutors and judges. Therefore, it’s important to hire a local attorney when you’re considering your options.

Additionally, there are some situations that may help your case. These situations can help a sexual crime lawyer build your defense. For example, your lawyer may try to prove that you lacked the intent to commit your crime. In addition, if you can prove your victim gave consent, you can win your case. Furthermore, there are other factors like insanity or spousal status that can change the outcome of your case. These factors can make the difference between you going to jail or remaining free.

Texas defines child pornography as any material that sexually exploits a minor. However, there are exceptions. For example, any fictional depiction of child pornography is not illegal. Therefore, a child pornography lawyer can use this as a defense in your case. A good sexual crime attorney will be able to form a defense for your case. As your child pornography lawyer, Martin Braddy will do everything he can to help you win your case, and keep your record clean. Call today to learn more.

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